The thermal anti-cellulite cream, thanks to its components with natural extracts, reduces centimeters in areas of the body and helps to eliminate cellulite and orange peel due to its thermal action, leaving the skin smooth and soft and increasing its elasticity.

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Leviot’s natural thermal anti-cellulite cream is formulated solely and exclusively with natural plant extracts. It helps to effectively reduce those unwanted extra inches in key areas of our body.

It also helps to eliminate both cellulite and orange peel, thanks to its powerful and effective thermal action, which is instantly noticeable, and which in a very pleasant, but intense way, leaves the skin of the treated area smooth, soft and more elastic from the first use.

On the other hand, it has a powerful lipolytic effect, that is, it dissolves and breaks down localized fat. It is also draining, helping to eliminate fluids and promoting circulation.

In short, we are facing a very complete anti-cellulite and fat-reducing product. How do you achieve all this? Although it seems incredible, based only on natural components.

  • Menthol stimulates blood circulation and has a cooling effect on the skin.
  • The ivy extract increases lymphatic and venous drainage reducing edema.
  • Gotu kola with lipolytic effect together with carnitine that mobilizes accumulated fat and fucus that limits the accumulation of lipids, make this anti-cellulite cream an excellent treatment cream to help reduce those extra centimeters.

Indications of use

Apply the necessary amount of cream to the palm of your hand. Then spread the cream evenly on the area of ​​the skin of the body that you want to treat; Hips, waist, etc. Expand by gently massaging the area with the palm of your hands until the cream is completely absorbed. Apply to clean skin, preferably after bathing, and leave on.


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